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There are so many options for garments, we find it much more efficient if we gather some details first. Once we know your unique request, we can send garment suggestions. Below is a basic questionnaire so we can understand your needs better. Please contact us at any time with questions.  +1 401-619-0072 /

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Due Date
A yacht’s style can range from classic nautical to edgy technical race look. We work with client’s to identify their unique style.
Are there specific features you would like. Pockets – cargo or zip top. Radio Loops, etc.
We look for fabrics that hold up to the wear and the commercial washing yachting life demand, and keep their shape, don’t snag. Technical synthetics like quick dry and wicking fabrics, or natural fibers like cotton or wool. There are some technical blends with bamboo.
Preferred color and shade. Do the men’s and women’s need to be the identical color?
Any additional Items you are looking for? We have a wide range of custom items unique for your owners and charter guests. Let us know if there is anything you are looking for!
Where will we put your yachts logo or branding? How will it be applied; embroidered or printed, and location.

Please allow up to 1-2 business days for a response!